Lufhereng, from the Tshi’Venda and Sotho words “Lufhera” and “reng”, is the place where people come together with a united commitment.


Ndlu is the Zulu word for ‘house’ that particularly emphasises the family living there.


Ndlu Housing aspires to provide affordable, quality housing solutions for first time home buyers who do not qualify for a fully subsidised home.  We specialise in housing for those buyers who need government assistance to be able to afford a home loan.



In order to meet this challenge Ndlu Housing will provide housing packages ranging from mid R300,000 to low R400,000 (including stand and housing).


We will assist the potential buyer by doing:

  • Credit Reports

  • FLISP Subsidy Pre-checks

  • Home package selections

  • Bond Origination and finance applications

  • FLISP subsidy applications and follow ups

  • Quality Construction conforming to the National Building Regulations (NBR) and National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) standards

  • Professional Sales and after sales support


In addition Ndlu Housing will facilitate and oversee the design and quality of construction, economic sustainability and affordability of the housing products as well as applications for client funding.



Ndlu Housing was born to fulfill the mandate given by the City of Johannesburg on the Lufhereng Integrated Development to facilitate and oversee the Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) for first time home buyers earning between R 13 500 and R 22 000 per month.

Located between Protea Glen and Slovoville, the Lufhereng Integrated Development forms a natural western extension to Soweto thus making it geographically, economically and socially integrated with the broader Soweto community.


The final anticipated scope of the Lufhereng project is to provide approximately 25 000 housing opportunities for qualifying applicants. 


With 2,100 houses already completed in Lufhereng Proper and Extension 1; the remaining anticipated 22,894 units will be developed in the following three principle development phases over a nine year period:

  • Subsidized units: 8 353

  • Bonded and FLISP units: 8 353

  • High Density apartments: 6 188 

For more information about Lufhereng and the FLISP Housing Subsidy Programme, CLICK HERE to visit our website.



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